Each student is allowed to submit one entry only. This entry must be consistent with the following subject:

Now that the digital revolution is started and pervades quite all human activities, can you imagine an invention, based on digital principles, which could be useful for the railways?

This innovation may be technical and enhance productivity or safety or security of the railway system or it can be customer oriented. This innovation may be something already existing out of the rail sector but would need to be transposed in the rail sector.

For this innovation, can you,
- explain what are its inputs and outputs?
- describe its functioning?
- give illustrations (with photos or drawings, etc.)?
- explain who would develop it and for what purpose?
- determine the target, who will use and for whose benefit?
- draw out the corresponding business model, if any?

First example of innovation: a drone equipped with an artificial intelligence system flies along the tracks, detects a given flaw on the rail and sends photos and geolocation of the identified problem.

Second example of innovation: disabled people can use their smartphones in order to navigate in a railway station. The smartphone tell them the directions to go straight, right or left to reach the desired facility

*The quality of a drawing does not matter: its purpose is to help to better understand the innovation.

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