1. Shall be considered a university, for the purposes of this competition, any establishment offering education under the title of associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programmes.

2. Contacted universities or other Turkish Universities wishing to participate in this competition should instruct students to submit their paper (i.e. entry) to ]

3. Any student of the aforementioned universities may participate, providing their registered student status. 

4. Participation to the competition is voluntary and will consist in a text possibly accompanied with illustrations, photos or drawings whenever useful for comprehension.

5. Essays to be submitted may only be the work of one student.

6. The student may come from any discipline: engineering, economy, business, literature, sociology, medecine, sciences, arts, inter alia.

7. The entry must indicate or include:
- the city
- the name of the university
- the first and last names of the student
- the student’s photo (only head shot)
- the student’ s e-mail address
- the student’s class (first year, second year, …)
- the student’s main discipline 
- the subject of the document

8. Drawings, if any, must be accompanied by an explanatory caption of no more than 3 lines. The drawing can be in the form of a comic strip or be the representation of a vision for the future.

9. The entry must be maximum 5,000 characters and in English language only.

10. The entry must be sent only via the submission module in ]

11. The student must hand in his paper not later than 30th March 2018. Any file sent in after this deadline will not be considered.

12. Students participating in this competition authorize UIC and TCDD to use all or part of their work during the Congress in whatever form they want. UIC and TCDD however pledges to cite the author(s) and the Universities they attend when mentioning the innovation.

13. A list for the first 20 authors will be defined by the jury composed of the representatives from UIC and TCDD. All students ranked in that list will be allowed to attend the Congress and visit the rail exhibition for free. The transportation (rail and road) and accommodation expenses (only for the students coming out of Ankara) in Ankara will be met by TCDD. 3 best students will be nominated. 

14. Students will be informed of the results of the competition not later than 27th April 2018. Objections will not be accepted in relation to the grading of entries or selection. UIC and TCDD have no obligation to justify their decisions.

15. The authors of the nominated best 3 papers (selected by a TCDD/UIC jury) will commit themselves to attend the Congress and its award ceremony. During this ceremony they will explain their innovation and the audience will vote to rank them. Awards will depend on the rank, as follow:

First Prize: 3.000 TRY
Second Prize: 2.000 TRY
Third Prize: 1.000 TRY

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