Rental of Stands
The Congress Office puts at your disposal several units of min. 12 square meters each. Reservations have to be made by April 20, 2018 at the latest by sending the Exhibitor Application Form to:

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The Congress Office
Exhibition Liaison and Sales

Phone : +90 312 442 8845
Fax      : +90 312 441 2984
E-mail : exhibition AT


Rental Fees (Tax included)
Minimum rental stand area is 12 sqm. The Congress Office will take your requests into account as much as possible.


Fee Table (tax included)

Booth Types   Min. STAND AREA
Row One Side Open 12 sqm
Corner Two Sides Open 12 sqm
Peninsula Three Sides Open 35 sqm
Island Four Sides Open 80 sqm

For individual stands 500 sqm and over 10% discount is applied.

Outdoor Exhibition Space 25 sqm
Track-Running m. 30 sqm



rental fee img01 1
min. 12 sqm


rental fee img02

min. 12 sqm


rental fee img03 

min. 35 sqm


rental fee img04

min. 80 sqm

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