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High speed railways are very complex systems which combine the state of the art in many different fields.

Renewable energies, Environmental load reduction, Energy conservation in High speed rail operation

[High speed rail system and technology, Management, Innovation]
High speed rail operation and planning, Intercity transport planning, Technological innovation

Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Track, Signalling, Power supply and catenary, Civil engineering works, Tunnel construction

[Rolling stock]
Technology, Comfort, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing technology, Maintenance, Braking devices, Current collector, Intermodal transport vehicles, Railbound vehicles for High Speed trains, Interiors, Special trains, Special dedicated lines, Special signaling system

[Safety and Security]
Transport safety, Operation management systems, Control command and Signalling technology, Natural disaster countermeasures

[Stations and Customer service]
Operation, Location, Functional station design, Equipment, Ticketing, Station facilities, Accessibility, Passenger information systems, Ticketing systems, ICT, Marketing

Operational management, Design and planning, Control, Rules, Quality management

[Maintenance, Standardization]
Inspection and certification, Maintenance strategy and corresponding facilities, Service for vehicles, Legal issues, Regulations


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