General Organisation

The Congress will be held at Ankara Chamber of Commerce Convention Center in Ankara. To attend the different sessions of the 10th World Congress on High Speed Rail, please register as speaker in the registration section of the website 

Registration for the speakers is free of charge.

As a speaker, you are eligible for a discount on accommodation. You are responsible for booking your own accommodation. You will find complementary information about the accommodation and venue in the following pages.

To ensure that you have a room at the hotel at the preferred rate, it is imperative that you book your room as early as possible. There are several other events taking place in Ankara during the same period, so you may have to pay a higher rate and/or stay in another location.

Please, well note that on the day of your parallel session, you will meet with the chairperson of your session and other speakers 15 minutes before the beginning of your session in the room where the parallel session will be held.

The parallel sessions will be located in dedicated rooms. Please, once arrived in the Conference Center, check in advance in which room will be your session.

You are required to authorise a release to the 10th World Congress on High Speed Rail organizers to duplicate your presentation in electronic and/or hard copy format. Please, sign the authorisation “Release Form/Indemnification agreement” in appendix of these guidelines, and send it to UIC, Mr. Kenzo FUJITA, .

Upon arrival at the Congress Center, speakers have to check-in at the registration desk.

Each session will be animated by a chairperson.

As the Congress is a paperless event, all participants are supposed to be equipped with a smartphone and to have downloaded the Congress Application (App) allowing them to ask questions about the on-going presentations. Once all presentations made, the chairperson of your session will pick out questions from the audience. He will preferably select those which can be answered by several speakers. He will endeavor to allow each speaker to answer at least one question by limiting the time for each answer. No question will be answered until the last presentation of the session is finished.

Provide a maximum of 12 slides (title page and final page not included). Well note that your presentations is to be given in English only.

The PowerPoint presentation template can be downloaded from the Congress website ( The final version of your PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded on the Congress website and must be received no later than 01 April 2018.

Please respect the time limit of your presentation: 15 minutes speech at a maximum. If you run over the limit, the chairperson will ask you to conclude before your time limit has been reached.

No changes or modifications will be possible after sending your PowerPoint presentation. If you have new information’s between the date of sending your PPT and the date of the parallel session, bring them during your speech.

Prepare Attractive Powerpoint Slides

The PowerPoint presentation template ensures a harmonized presentation of the papers of the different speakers during the conference. Please stick to the template.

Avoid complicated visuals that require extensive reading by audience members.

Do not engage in commercial presentation of your company. If you would like to promote a product/service/organisation, please, book a stand in the exhibition area.

Make visuals (charts/graphics) large enough to be read by a person sitting on the back row.

Include your contact information and/or website URL on the final slide.

All presentations will be presented by using Microsoft PowerPoint with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels on a PC running Windows. Your presentation should be prepared in PowerPoint 2003, 2007 or 2010. If you are using software other than Microsoft PowerPoint on a PC running Windows (e.g. OpenOffice, PowerPoint for MAC, Keynote) please make sure your presentation is converted to Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows PCs before you travel to the Conference. Presentations in Acrobat PDF format or WORD format will not be accepted.


Do not save the picture as BMP or TIFF (size is too big).

Any image/video file must be in the same folder of the PowerPoint presentation and must be copied in the folder before being included in the presentation

Images with .gif and .jpg extensions are recommended to obtain a light presentation (other kinds of extensions - recognizable by PowerPoint - will be accepted all the same).


Movies must not exceed 50 MB each (50 MB is not necessarily the limit, we can handle larger movies without any problem, but the video may not present smoothly).

MPG (MPEG), WMV or AVI are the only acceptable video formats.

We suggest putting a maximum of one video per slide.

When using videos in (Apple) QuickTime: convert them to MPG or AVI before inserting the video in your presentation. QuickTime (MOV, MP4) cannot be played in PowerPoint and therefore are not accepted. If you insert videos in your presentation, be sure that you respect the overall duration of your speech.


Do not use hyperlinks to websites in your presentation.


Please give your filename an extension “.ppt”.

Check your presentation on a Windows computer before you bring it to the Conference. This will avoid unnecessary stress onsite.

Equipment Provided in Each Session/Meeting Room

• 1 data projector cabled to the general computer of the Congress, in which your PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded.
• 1 laser pointer
• 1 microphone for speaker
• 1 screen
• 1 podium with chairs and tables

For any question, please contact the organizers:

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