Rules for Applicant Speakers

Applicant Speakers are invited to make one or several Proposals (“Abstracts”). They will nominate in which Parallel Session (Topic + Stage), referring to the previous chart, they think it is best to plan their presentation. The Scientific Committee may change the session in which the applicant speakers seek to participate after considering the overall balance of applicant proposals.

In case a proposal does not clearly belong to one of the planned Sessions, the Scientific Committee may ask the applicant speaker to make changes to be selected.

If after selection based on their proposal, the applicant speaker’s presentation is not consistent with their proposal or not compliant with the rules, the Selection Committee will be entitled to ask the author to make changes, or in extreme, decline the proposal.

By providing the Scientific Committee with a proposal, an applicant speaker commits him/herself to deliver a presentation at the Congress. The applicant speaker will deliver a full presentation in compliance with the final schedule of the Congress.

Should the applicant speaker not be available to present to the Congress, they must immediately advise the Scientific Committee and nominate a suitably qualified alternative for approval. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to decline the proposed alternatives and cancel the presentation.

The Scientific Committee may reject any abstract which would not comply with the rules and the schedule of this Call for Papers without having to justify the decision, and, in such case, no claim would be considered.

One applicant can submit several abstracts. If an abstract is submitted by several authors, only one person, whose name will be mentioned in the first position of the list authors, will be considered as the speaker and get free registration to the Congress.

The decisions of the Scientific Committee are final. 


Abstract Preparation and Submission

Abstracts for consideration are to be prepared and should ONLY be submitted ONLINE according to the instructions given below. 


Abstract Preparation Guidelines

Since several hundred abstracts are expected for review, each abstract must clearly and concisely outline the material proposed for presentation. Include in your abstract, only the relevant information that the scientific committee would easily comprehend the scope of work, determine its relevance and assign to an appropriate platform (oral) slot. Specify the content(s) addressed and the scale of the project (laboratory, pilot, or field); identify the technology or combination of technologies being studied. Modeling papers are expected to show significance for and success in field applications. Case studies with novel approaches are especially desired. Preference will be given to those abstracts that provide a concise and thorough summary of the project objectives and results.

Each abstract should include an introduction, material and methods, results and conclusions. Abstracts must be in English and cannot exceed 1.000 characters. Do not try to submit attachments, slides or any reference materials with the abstract. Do not include degrees, addresses or codes. Use standard abbreviations and symbols. Keep abbreviations to a minimum and define each one when it is used for the first time. Proofread the typed abstract carefully: no changes or no substitutions will be accepted later.

Submission / Verification

Receipt of the abstracts will be acknowledged by online submission immediately. If you have not received an acknowledgment of your abstract within ten business days, please follow up to verify that the abstract was received. Abstracts must be submitted online. Do not send an e-mail, faxes or backup copies.

On-line Abstract Submission Write your abstract submission directly into the Online Abstract Submission. Log on the website at uic-highspeed2018.com  and proceed to the Congress home page to choose online abstract submission, then follow the instructions.

Title of abstract: Should not exceed 10 words.

Corresponding/presenting author: Name of the person expected to make the presentation at the Congress; this is the person to whom all correspondence will be addressed. Include all contact information – employer, street address, city, state/province and zip/postal code (as applicable), country, telephone, fax, mobile phone, and e-mail address. 

Abstracts received by the deadline will be reviewed for technical merit, timeliness, and relevance to the Congress. When assigning accepted abstracts to program slots, the Scientific Committee will consider authors’ preferences as well as session and presentation format, but the final decision will be based on the best overall design of the Congress program.  

Notification of Acceptance/Placement
After the deadline, a letter stating the Committee’s decision on each abstract will be emailed to the corresponding/presenting author. If the abstract is accepted, this letter will state the platform or poster session to which the abstract has been assigned and will provide information on preparing the presentation.

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