The majority of the hotels booked by CMS Congress Management Systems Co. Ltd. are located in the city center. The Congress venue can be easily reached from all hotels by public transport, particularly the underground and light rail networks. Hotel rooms can only be reserved and confirmed if you have guaranteed the reservation by stating your credit card data on the Online Hotel and Transfer Booking. Each participant will individually receive a confirmation form, indicating the name and address of the hotel. The booking will be firm upon receipt of the corresponding credit card data or bank transfer.

Companies are requested to block-book rooms for their delegates in advance with the Congress Office CMS Congress Management Systems International Co. Ltd.

Cancellations and changes
Hotel accommodation will be confirmed once the Congress Office has received the completed “Online Hotel and Transfer Booking” together with the total hotel amount. Notification of changes in the reservation and/or cancellations should be done in writing to the Congress Office, CMS Congress Management Systems International Co.Ltd.

Cancellation of your hotel reservation will be accepted until January 31, 2018 up to which date the hotel payment will be refunded. We regret that the hotel payment will be kept as cancellation charge for cancellation received after January 31, 2018. In the case of no-shows, the amount for the total booked duration at the hotel will be charged. Therefore if you need to cancel your stay please notify the Congress Office by e-mail before the date of arrival.

Visas and Travel Documentation
Regulations governing international travel vary substantially across the globe; therefore, it is recommended that you contact governmental ministries and departments overseeing travel from your country and Turkish Consulate to obtain current information and documentation required to travel to Turkey. It is suggested that this should be done well in advance as part of your planning to attend the Congress. If your government or institution requires an official letter of invitation from 10th UIC World Congress on High Speed Rail Congress Office please contact us by e-mail ( invitation AT ).

The basic legal procedures to be followed to travel to Turkey as a tourist are simple. A valid passport is sufficient to enter Turkey from most countries (EU, USA, Canada, Australia, etc) whereas a VISA is required for citizens from other countries. For any further information, please contact your nearest Turkish Embassy. List of countries requiring a visa, and application instructions are provided at 

Money, Taxes and Tipping
The national currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira (TL). There are no problems with credit cards in shops, restaurants, gas or petrol stations and hotels. ATM's (Automatic Teller Machines or cash dispensers) are very common. Exchange facilities are available at Atatürk Airport (in İstanbul) and Esenboğa Airpot (in Ankara).

At almost all restaurants, service is included, but it is common practice to leave a 5-10% tip, as it is with taxi drivers. Cinemas and theaters will have staff show you to your seat - here 50 cents is the norm. Tipping is not obligatory anywhere, but it is least expected in bars or cafeterias. However, if you leave a small tip it shows your appreciation of the service - a good rule of thumb here is 10 to 15 cents per round of drinks.   

Laptops and the Internet
If you are bringing any electrical equipments to Turkey (e.g. laptop computers, travel irons, etc.) you should bear in mind the voltage and type of plug used here. Turkey uses the 220V voltage level and a frequency of 50Hz. Check that your electrical equipments will work with this voltage. You may also need a plug adapter. Turkey uses plugs with 2 round pins. Plug adapters are available at stores selling electrical goods.

If you have your laptop with you, the chances are that you will want to be using a modem to connect to the Internet. Turkey uses the RJ-11 telephone jack also used in the USA, most of Europe and many other countries. A simple adapter should solve the problem if you are coming from a country which does not use this type of jack.

The Internet is now widespread in Turkey and there are tens of different Internet Service Providers (ISP's). Access is available via the basic switched telephone network, the digital ISDN network, the high speed ADSL protocol and various satellite and television systems. For most travelers, the normal analog telephone network is sufficient. 

Opening hours
Most shops open between 10.30 and 19.30 on weekdays. During the summer months, many establishments will stay open much later in the evening.

Larger establishments, department stores, and supermarkets will stay open all day, Saturday and Sunday included.

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